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Ready to flex some creative muscles? How’d you like to join Morrow? Yup, we’re hiring – we need some more people to infuse even more WOW! into The Creative Club.

But are we a good match? 

Right now we’re looking for a senior designer – that elusive creature able to balance both brand and digital design; with some serious skills when it comes to motion graphics.

You have flair and finesse in equal measure. You can concoct a concept from scratch and work it up into a WOW! result.

You’re a team player – a people person through-and-through (that’s a big deal here: none of us is as good as all of us). But you’re not averse to hunkering down on your own and getting sh*t done when you need to.

You’re equally comfortable taking ownership of a project and can give guidance and inspiration to your fellow creatives. When it comes to pitching, you’re convincing and conversational. You know what makes clients tick and love to showcase ideas.

So far, so good? Cool. 

But who the heck are we to be calling all the shots? Why should you – with your oodles of talent and wealth of experience – choose to bestow your gifts upon us? 

We’re a pretty unique bunch ourselves here at Morrow: a passionate team of curious people poised for the next adventure and united by a common goal to create WOW! work. 

One day we could be crafting a brand identity for a youth-focused African media house; the next we’re working on a sleek app interface – or putting our motion graphics skills to the test and creating a platform warning against the harsh reality of online sexual abuse. 

Yup, never a dull moment here!

So whatcha say? We’d love to see what you’re about – so please ping us a resume, cover letter, and portfolio; and we’ll see how things shake out.

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