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Bean Interactive & White Rhino

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After the launch of Nation Media Group’s new website and identity, we were asked to think through the next steps. How do we attract the target audience to the new website? Even more important was to make clear of Nation’s intrinsic motivation: proving the value of news; showing that it’s genuine and always high quality. Nation offers news for every African, regardless of class, education level or demographic background. In short, we needed an awareness campaign that would cultivate and show a sense of belonging, that had compassion as a consequence.


To achieve this, we developed a campaign that could appeal to every African. For young and old, the educated and curious. From the big cities to the small villages. Using high-quality and independent articles as ammunition, we divided the campaign into three phases. 

Phase 1: Awareness

Phase 2: Inform

Phase 3: Activate

We are Nation, Together we are Nation, Together we empower Africa.


Because the new website goes hand in hand with a new identity, the campaign was designed on a large number of touchpoints. Online, print, (D)OOH, TVC and brand activations. The local production was done by Bean Interactive and White Rhino. 

The TVC was awarded with an IF Award in 2021.

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