An identity that’s ready to get their twist on.

A new and exciting pilates studio right in the heart of The Hague who wants to express a modern day approach to pilates came to us to design its new visual identity.


Lux Pilates is a new and vibrant pilates studio whose main focus is to be balanced in every way they can. From attracting all kinds of audiences, having a physical and a strong online presence, providing formal knowledge and being a social center to their community. The challenge lies in how to create a flexible identity which voices all of these different sides without losing focus and power.


We’ve created an identity which is built up from elements that always keep each other in check. A visual language that is kept in balance by having counterparts on each side of the spectrum. Looking at the typography you see that we chose for two fonts, a serif and a sans-serif (Cooper & Riforma). By integrating a combination of the two we appeal to the more fluid and organic nature of pilates as to the more strict and formal poses that are also a part of the exercises.

For the imagery we also made sure there was a balance to be found. We incorporated a professional yet open and accessible photography style for the teachers within Lux Pilates and we also (in collaboration with Zenk One) came up with illustrations that show and inform the audience of different pilates poses and how to execute them.

For Lux’s logo we designed a signature looking logotype which is used as an overarching element within the identity. It can be placed on top of all of the studio’s different communications and ensures a unison in the way Lux expresses itself.

Next to that, we’ve defined a playful yet encouraging tone of voice for the brand. Cheeky in places, and for a brand that wants you to push yourself but feel awesome doing it, it gets the balance just right.


A striking and harmonious identity forms the foundation of the brand that is Lux Pilates. Leaving room for flexibility but painting a strong character. Lux’s aim is to teach all types of people in their journey to become fitter, stronger and above all: to move with joy and their new visual identity now expresses those same values without shedding a drop of sweat.

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