An identity for that just works! is a startup which brings flex workers and clients together. Active in transport, security and logistics. They stimulate their flex workers to grow and expand their skill set. For their new identity they came to us.


The challenge for the identity for lies in showing the correct balance between the human aspect of connecting and growing through a data and technology driven platform. stands out from the crowd by stimulating flex workers to grow and by doing this delivering qualified workers to affiliated clients. At the flex workers experience a freedom and flexibility to work in a way they find fitting, this is something that had to be shown in the identity.


One of the first steps of designing the elements of’s identity was choosing a font-family. To ensure the balance between a more human and technological side we choose a very special font-family. One that is both practical and legible as outspoken and friendly. The Residenz Grotesk, a family with a set of alternatives that are interchangeable at glyph level. Hereby giving the room to vary endlessly. 

For emphasizing the human aspect the photography is also a key element of the identity. A series of portraits where the flex workers are shining in the lead role. At all times with a positive expression. 

The color pallete of exists of three cumulative layers. With which we can address different target audiences. The first is a base layer, consisting of greys. The second layer is meant for clients. These colours exude positivity and enthusiasm but remain modest and professional. And last the third, a layer with the most outspoken colours designed for the flex workers. 

For the form language we came up with two different categories, an image carrying- and an accentuating form language. In which the image carrying language shows the aspect of the different levels, as it were the DNA of the flex worker. The accentuating form language can be traced back to self study and personal development; by circling or underlining, information is easier to remember.

In the end all elements come together in one identity that ensures the right balance between tech savvy but most of all very natural and inviting. This is exactly what is and does.

Level business card
Level business card
We are currently busy developing the app, photography and illustration style. You can expect an update of this case soon.

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