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Brand strategy, brand identity, corporate identity, animation, illustration, video, app, website + sound
Sonal, Union haus + Joep le Blanc

The NTFU, the Dutch tour cycling association, is a brand with a lot of heritage. With over 60 years of experience it’s fair to say they are experts when it comes to cycling. is the place where they share their knowledge and information. Find out everything about routes, trails, tours and interesting articles or find out which club to join!

When designing Fietssport and it was our challenge to create a fresh, strong and outstanding brand without overlooking the knowledge and authority that NTFU has gained in the field of cycling.


The identity of Fietssport is a mix of playful and powerful elements, representing the brand and its payoff ‘Grenzeloos Sportief’ (sportive without limits). Cycling is all about setting new goals, being outside in nature and off course about the connection it brings to people. This reflects in the use of form, font and colors. The plus stands for adding new routes, goals and challenges, but also for cycling together. The dot stands for reaching the end of those routes, goals and challenges. Together these elements tell the story of what Fietssport is all about: challenging cyclists on all levels with inspiring routes, tours and articles.

With this identity we created the online platform, wich we wanted to be both very functional and inspirational. Fietssport should feel like your personal cycle-assistant. Providing you with info on the best routes, tours, tips & tricks but also challenge you to step up your game with a next-level track.


We created a strong, recognizable brand that we translated into all kinds of different media.

The website and app we created gives people the possibility to find new routes around the area they want to cycle. They can easily fill in the location and distance and find the route. It also gives the biggest overview in the Netherlands of organised cycling trips (toertochten) and cycling clubs that people can join. To make it complete we also designed fietssport magazine and fietssport cycling gear that makes people look cool on their bikes!

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