The Adyen Ballpit

An interactive playground for Adyen’s annual event of the year!

Space, installation + interactives
Fiction factory

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For the past decade, Adyen has grown to become a game changer in the field of online and offline payments by working with the most innovative players on the market. In order to showcase and flex these new, cutting-edge technologies to their customers, Adyen approached us.


The brief? Let guests experience our disruptive technologies, that we see being applied among our most innovative clients, in a fun and inspiring way while networking at our biggest annual event. Preferably with a cold drink in hand.


We believe life is a playground. So that’s exactly what we designed, one big playground.

We created four individually themed and mono-coloured stations, each inviting guests to experience a specific payment system in an interactive and engaging way.

The stations paired with a partner so guests were able to make an actual purchase. This exposed the relationship between physical products and digital payment solutions to showcase a better understanding of how this could benefit business. All transactions were made visible and triggered a personalised message which also acted as an icebreaker when networking.


We designed a flower bomb, a labyrinth jungle of oversized wooden leaves and flowers. Craving for a tropical cocktail? No problem, just sit back, relax and scan your wristband.

Would you rather have a piece of chocolate? Grab, tab and enjoy at the pink patterned ever-changing chocolate wall. The turquoise endless aisle captured visitors in a space of infinite possibilities.

Of course, everybody knows a playground isn’t complete without a huge ball pit. Jump into payment. Not a swimmer? Shoot some hoops, order a refreshment or listen to one of the keynotes from the poolside.

The best results happen when people work together. To make sure every bit of the playground was executed as we intended, we teamed up with our partner Fiction Factory. They nailed the job and perfectly realised our designs.

In the end, it was all about inspiring and engaging the guests of the event. Creating a better understanding of how easy, fast and secure Adyen’s new payment solutions work through real-life experience.

We can hear you thinking, ‘Nice, a ball pit, but do people really go in there?’ We can assure you, they did. And they had to be asked to please leave, several times.

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