We live in a world where millions of brands demand attention. In such an overcrowded place, your brand deserves nothing less than to stand out and grab that spotlight. We only go for WOW!, nothing less.

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Our process

Our process

01. Define goal

Every project starts with a clear goal. What do we want to achieve? When will this project be a success?

02. Doing research

With an open mind we investigate everything that is necessary to get a grip on the matter.

03. Determine strategy

With the goal and the insights, we determine a plan of attack. In this step, we ensure that the strategy and framework are clear.

04. Big dreams

Throw a bunch of creatives together, flick the on switch and voilà, all the knowledge you’ve gained translates into great concepts. *magic*

05. Create a product

The whole team has only one mission here: to create a WOW! experience. We do this with scrum, kanban, waterfalls, etc.

06. Tie it up... and go!

Testing, validating, wrapping and the product can be launched into the world. And then further optimisation.

The connection between people and brand

Do you want people to really connect with you? Big brands do this by building their brand from one of the twelve archetypes. Think of Nike as a hero brand, Harley Davidson as an outlaw and Lego as a creator. Brand archetypes are a proven way to gain focus and clarity in your positioning. 

In our own brand strategy process, we take the brand step by step. By taking the right steps, we eventually arrive at a strong choice of the right archetype.

brand black box

Brands only come to life when they truly live within the organisation

We do not believe in brand books that end up on a server somewhere in PDF form. An identity has to live and breathe within an organisation. People should be able to pick it up and read what the brand for which they work stands for. And, crucially, how to apply it.

The Brand Black Box is the reference book that we provide with every identity project. This way, you can show off the brand even before it lives up to its name.

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