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Ultimaker’s identity designed to print in 3D

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Ultimaker is committed to accelerating the world’s digital distribution and local manufacturing transition. Whether it’s for fast prototyping, more accurate printing, or use on concrete or the carpet; Ultimaker can be relied upon for excellent quality throughout the entire printing process. If it can be imagined, it can be printed. The starting point of any process is a blank canvas. Over time, an idea evolves from a first draft into a prototype, a product that will eventually lead to perfection. This process is easily translated into that of a square (which, not by accident, resembles an empty build chamber), evolving to a circle; as a metaphor for the seamless printing process.

We created a series of infill patterns which are based on distinct printing techniques.

We created a dynamic identity guided by a pragmatic set of rules that conduct consistency. It is adaptable to the need for appliance and expression for cross-media coverage.

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