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Create an immersive experience for the children’s book museum

Spatial design Motion design

Research shows that reading to kids is super crucial for their growth and development. But you know what can take it to the next level? Interactive tech that adds to the story! That’s right, if done right, it can really enhance the whole reading experience.

Nature, Water, City and Sky.

You wanna choose your vibe? Just give that wheel a spin, fam. When it comes to design, our task was to create audio—visual experiences that could fit any book, but still nod to the story’s key elements. We had to keep it open and accessible for all the kiddos out there.

That’s where we got our inspiration from those classic wooden building blocks. With a bit of creativity, kids from all over the globe can make anything out of those shapes.

And we used color, light effects and the projection inside the installation to create an ever changing atmosphere in the space. A multilayered experience to be explored and interacted with at one’s own pace.

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