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WTFFF!? A platform about unacceptable online sexual behavior.

Digital strategy, digital design system and content creation

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In December 2021 we launched WTFFF!? — an interactive platform designed to educate young people about the dangers of online sexual abuse.

WTFFF!? Overview

Every year about 100.000 young people fall victim to online sexual abuse. This can include sextortion (blackmailing using sexual content), grooming (online child molesting) and sexting (unwanted sharing of sexual content).

Worryingly, these numbers keep on growing. For many young people, asking for help can be difficult. Many experience taboo, guilt, shame and fear.

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Victim Support Fund

WTFFF!? Campaign

The challenge Morrow was set involved creating a digital ‘safe space’ where stories could be discovered and shared.

In order to ensure the message was heard loud and clear, and to create engagement, Morrow was tasked with creating an information sharing platform — somewhere to showcase peer—to—peer social media—style content that would resonate with the Gen Z demographic.

After research, interviews, and feedback sessions with victims and their peers, Morrow devised WTFFF!? a platform where victim stories could be heard (narrated by the victims themselves) and shared anonymously.

From a visual standpoint, Morrow created animated sequences and illustrations — to unite the stories thematically and encourage visitors to take a closer look.

Create together

With Hack the Planet, Q42, Jonas Devacht, Joep Le Blanc and Willie Wartaal.

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Winner of a FWA and recognised by the Webby awards (The Oscars of the web) in the category “best user experience”.

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