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Creating awareness around online sexual abuse. WTFFF!?

Campaign strategy, influencer campaign, campaign production, content creation and motion design

Gen Z preferred to get the unfiltered truth. But crucially, we needed to understand how and where they communicate around sensitive subjects like online sexual abuse.

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WTFFF Willie Wartaal

Gen Z insight 1

Gen Z has grown up in a completely digital world. They don’t see any difference between on— or offline.

Gen Z insight 2

They tend to be very open about sensitive subjects — but only when this subject is widely accepted.

Gen Z insight 3

When communicating, they tend to use hyperbole and exaggerations — using language up until its breaking point.

800k+ kids

Based on the insights, we decided to focus on a social media-led campaign — comprising an Instagram page, a YouTube channel + series, an influencer campaign, and a PR campaign.

With the website’s aesthetic at the heart of the campaign we created an assets library: stylistic elements that can be pulled together in a playful way and used across different channels — including an ad campaign running on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Tiktok.

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