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Immersive storytelling experience for the children’s book museum

Ideation, research, concept development, spatial installation, interactives, interactives, storytelling, (product) development, user testing, photography, art direction

The brief: create an interactive installation designed to enhance the experience of reading for young children.

Research Based

Research shows that reading to children is incredibly important for their development. However, technology-based interactive elements can enhance this effect even further – if they add to a book’s story.

Visual Language

We found inspiration in one of the most basic kids’ toys: wooden building blocks. With a little bit of imagination, children all over the world can build pretty much anything out of these geometric forms!

We created four distinct worlds: Nature, Water, City and Sky.

Visitors could choose one with the simple turn of a wheel. On a design level, the challenge for us was to create universal audio-visual experiences that would be open enough in form to fit any book. However, they needed to reference just enough story elements, so that children would understand them without relying on a specific illustration style.

Interactive Installation

Using color, light effects and the projection inside the installation to create an ever changing atmosphere in the space. A multilayered experience to be explored and interacted with at one’s own pace.

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