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Nation.Africa #1 independent media brand

Brand strategy, brand identity, brand assets and brand implementation


The initial scope of the project was to help them cater to a younger, broader audience that now predominantly accesses their mediums through laptops, tablets and smartphones. Alongside that, they now also required help to learn how to monetise work in the digital universe. After doing extensive background research we got straight to it and started mapping out the brand strategy. However, we very quickly discovered that NMG was positively vibrating with potential. Bigger than just reaching a younger audience, they were deeply motivated (and capable) to do good for all of Africa, to report Africa to Africa.


The identity for Nation.Africa has been awarded two IF Awards for best visual identity and best television commercial.

Next to a European Design Award for their company logo. We couldn’t be prouder.

The concept is translated through a range of colours, fonts, grid elements and graphic shapes that can be used to ensure clear communication whilst also visualising different “Nations”. All choices are guided by our Nation design matrix.

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