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The #1 platform for cyclists in the Netherlands

Digital strategy, digital design system, digital product (website and app), creative coding and content creation

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The illustration style

There are lots of cyclists in the Netherlands who want to enjoy routes and love the sport. To serve this target group, we are working together with cycling association NTFU to build up Fietssport as a brand.

We started by creating a customer journey around the various phases and needs of the target group. One moment people are looking for practical information about nutrition or material, another moment they are getting inspiration for a ride and they want to know the necessary details during a ride.

These insights into the customer journey form the base from which we started developing the digital products.

The website

That works perfectly on both mobile and laptop. This website offers practical information and articles, but also has the largest cycling calendar in the Netherlands and a map with routes.

Fietssport - App

The app

In addition, an app has been set up that, more than a website, is suitable for use on the go. It is also packed with interesting routes, POIs and contains challenges to motivate the cyclists. If you complete a challenge, you will receive a unique badge from Fietssport.

The result

With a clear roadmap as a basis, we have built a strong online presence step by step. The number of users has increased considerably (around 80.000 at the moment), as has the number of paying members. As a result, Fietssport has become a very stable brand for NTFU, with a lot of potential for the future.

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