App beat is inspired by the kids on the street. Hanging out together at their schoolyard or city square. Rapping, beatboxing, improvising, and messing around. The question of whether we’d be able to amplify that experience and make it more accessible to other kids, is what kick-started this passion project.

App Beat overview

“The concept of App Beat won a European Design Award. That gave us confidence that we are on the right path” — Marten • Morrow

Together with our friends from Q42 we set out to create an instrument that you can pull out of your pocket anytime and start making music.

App Beat overview

“If you and your friends open up the app, the phones connect. Tempo and tonality are synced so everything sounds awesome from the get-go.”

App Beat screen

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Victim Support Fund

WTFFF!? The unfiltered truth.

Beam in hand


Screw it in and have fun!