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Netherlands' public transportation app 9292.

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To increase the connection with the traveller and to be ready for the tomorrow, 9292 asked us to design their new app!

It was very important that it was intuitive to use. In order to make the app a national success we knew it should get you from A to B as quickly as possible, without distractions, and in an understandable way.

9292 home screen
9292 Information

Now that it has been downloaded on million of phones, and used every day, we’re pretty sure it’s a success.

9292 knows that we all have our ways of navigating public transport and that’s why it’s the most used (1mln+ a day) travel app in the Netherlands (sorry Google).

Continuing in this theme, we ensured the app considered other variants of traveller. If you’re a run—of—the—mill commuter who takes the same route every day, 9292 shows your favourite train at the least populated station (because it remembers that you’ll walk a bit further for more peace and quiet). If travelling causes you anxiety, this app knows you want the route that ensures comfort rather than speed, avoiding peak periods. Over time it customises your home screen because you don’t always need the closest option, but you do always need the most reliable.

Extensive user testing and consideration for the everyman and everything in between means that intuition sits at the heart of this travel app.

Created together.

This was a collaboration with the 9292 team. Our techy expert friends at Q42, and our very own designers at Morrow.

Other cases

Fietssport illustration


The illustration style

Beam in hand


Screw it in and have fun!

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